Our Ingredients

Each of our Gelatos and Sorbets is made flavor-by-flavor with only the finest natural ingredients, including:


At Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, our Master Gelatiere learned that the Italian art of making gelato requires that only whole fresh milk be used. It is essential to creating authentic artisan gelato … so at Pistacchio Gelato, we use only milk from cows not treated with the growth hormone as our main ingredient! This nutritious foundation gives our gelato its creamy texture and rich flavor.


Water is a key ingredient in all of our gelatos and sorbetos. At Pistacchio Gelato, we use only pure Mountain Spring Water, assuring that the only thing you taste are the full natural flavors we use.

Heavy Cream

Pure, rich heavy cream from fresh whole milk is one of the main ingredients in our gelato. At Pistacchio, we achieve the perfect balance between fats and sugars, which is one of the secrets of making true Italian gelato! Generally, the fat content in our gelato is between 5% - 10%. Some fat is good for you. Why not get it from one of our delicious gelatos!


We use dextrose, glucose syrup, invert sugar as well as sucrose in our gelatos and our sorbets. We do not use any artificial sweeteners.

Egg Yolk

Egg yolks add rich color and delicate flavor to our gelato. They are also the best natural emulsifier and , of course, the only one we use. There are no chemical emulsifiers in Pistacchio Gelato!

Natural Stabilizer

Stabilizer is what holds the many ingredients together. It’s what makes gelato gelato! We use only one natural stabilizer, unlike most other gelato stores that use powders containing artificial ingredients. The only stabilizer that we use is the locust bean gum which is extracted from a plant.


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