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Gelato Pistacchio

Creamy. Rich. Amazing! Gelato Pistacchio is made with Almond Biscotti from Grandma Santi’s Biscottini. High quality natural ingredients combined with distinctive flavors from a Tucson bakery. No wonder Gelato Pistacchio has become one of our most popular flavors!


We use only organic ground cinnamon. You can taste the difference. The result is simply awesome!


Only Italy’s favorite coffee, Lavazza, will do when making our coffee gelato. And we us real espresso from 100% Arabic Brazilian coffee beans. One of our most asked-for flavors!


Because we use only the best chocolate, our chocolate gelato is the best you’ll ever taste! We’ve chosen Valrhona , the grand cru of cocoa powder, to give our product the elegance and sublime taste. Once you’ve tasted our chocolate, you’ll have to come back for more!


Our Custard Gelato offers you the pure taste of gelato, without any additional flavoring. That’s why it’s critical that only the freshest ingredients be used, especially the core ingredient: egg yolks. Subtle, rich, unique!


You won’t find Hazelnut Gelato anywhere else that offers the rich texture and taste of Pistacchio’s Nocciola. We buy the hazelnuts locally, the grind them in our kitchen fresh for each batch of gelato. All natural for an absolutely marvelous flavor!


Our Pistachio Gelato is as real as it gets. We use only the best local pistachios, which we grinded in our own kitchen. Fresh and natural. You won’t find any green Pistachio Gelato at Pistacchio because we won’t use artificial colors!


Our Vanilla Gelato offers the delicate taste of the extracted essence from selected Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Simply sublime!


Mint leaves may be green, but the essential flavor of all natural mint extract is clear – and that’s all we use: all natural mint extract creates the rich flavor of our Mint Gelato. We will never use artificial colors in our Gelato! This attention to detail and use of pure mint extract really make the difference!

Cioccolato e Menta/Mint Chocolate

We combine the high quality of Valrhona Cocoa Powder with all natural mint extract with simply divine results. Our Mint Chocolate flavor combination almost explodes in your mouth!


Natural extract of anise and organic milk in perfect delicate balance are what make our Anise Gelato so exquisite. You’ll love this rich, refreshing flavor after dinner!

Stracciatella/Chocolate Chip

This is perhaps the most typical Italian Gelato flavor you’ll find. We mix our Fior di Latte Gelato with Gran cru Callebaut Chocolate Chips. One taste of this classic Italian Gelato and you’ll feel as if you’re strolling the Via Veneto!

Yogurt Naturale / Organic Plain Yogurt

Organic plain yogurt provides the basis for this simple, but delicious gelato. Simple, healthy … and delicious!

Fior di Latte/ Cream

All our gelatos begin as Fior di Latte. While the recipe varies a bit when other natural flavors are added, this pure gelato is built on the fresh natural milk that lies at the heart of each of our flavors. the taste of Italy. Savor the authentic taste of Italy!

Our Natural Fruit Sorbets

At Pistacchio, our sorbets are made using only the freshest fruit available. That’s why each Pistacchio sorbet tastes as if you’re biting into an actual pear, apple, banana, kiwis or any of the other fresh fruits that we carefully squeeze in our own kitchen, then mix with mountain spring water and white sugar cane.


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